Title Art Type Yearsort ascending
2012 Praemium Imperiale Award 2012
Chaos in Nature Drawing 2012
Freja: Explosion Event for Faurschou Foundation Explosion Event, Installation 2012
Slanted Pine Drawing 2012
Small Pine Tree Drawing 2012
Peony in Full Bloom Drawing 2012
Crop Circles Installation 2012
Deer and Pine Trees Drawing 2012
Classical Painting Impression Drawing 2012
Black Christmas Tree: Explosion Event for Washington, D.C. Explosion Event 2012
Mystery Circle: Explosion Event for The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Explosion Event 2012
Drawing for Black Ceremony Drawing 2011
Flora on Porcelain Drawing 2011
Frenzy of Flowers Drawing 2011
Frieze Drawing 2011
Memories Drawing 2011
Mosque Drawing 2011
Nocturnal Flower Drawing 2011
Shadow of Mosque Drawing 2011
Monuments on Shoulders Drawing, Installation 2011
Nursery Rhymes Installation 2011
Move Along, Nothing to See Here (2011) - Providence, RI, USA Installation 2011
A Cure When Ill, A Supplement When Healthy (2011) - Oslo, Netherlands Installation 2011
Al Shaqab Installation, Video Art 2011
Black Ceremony Explosion Event 2011
Ninety-Nine Horses Drawing, Installation 2011
Test for West Lake Drawing 2011
Endless Installation 2011
Flying Together Installation 2011
Fragile Drawing, Installation 2011
Homecoming Installation 2011
Route 2011
Desert Hues Drawing 2011
Fairytale Installation 2010
Monument Installation 2010
Wu Yulu's Robot Factory Installation 2010
Complex Installation 2010
Waiting Installation 2010
Kites Installation 2010
Detached Installation 2010
Milestones Installation 2010
Never Learned How to Land Installation, Other 2010
Travels in the Mediterranean Installation 2010
One Thousand Youngsters Drawing David (video performance) Installation, Video Art 2010
Illusion Installation 2010
Inopportune: Stage One (2010) - Sydney, Australia Installation 2010
Mermaid: Project for the 2010 Aichi Triennale Drawing 2010
Ring Stone Public Art/Social Art 2010
One Thousand Youngsters Drawing David Installation 2010
What's Important Isn't Whether You Can Fly Installation 2010


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