Being fully engaged in Cai Guo-Qiang's artistic process from start to finish, the studio begins with site visits and proposal drafts, to providing technical and engineering support, to overseeing the production and installation process on site, to documenting all projects, whether they are installations, drawings or explosion events. Additionally, the studio directly handles the sale of Cai's works to public and private collections.

Cai Guo-Qiang is represented by Cai Studio, New York. For exhibition and sales inquiries, please contact us here. For research, press and image inquiries, please contact us here. Due to the large volume of correspondence that we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to every e-mail.


  • Cai Guo-Qiang
  • Hong Hong Wu
  • Tatsumi Masatoshi
  • Lulu Zhang
  • Sang Luo
  • Lydia Ohl
  • Silin Chow
  • Cai Canhuang
  • Béatrice Grenier
  • Zhenhuan Zhou
  • Xiaohong Zhou
  • Yvonne Zhao
  • Lin King
  • Yi-Boe Huynh
  • Tingting Chen
  • Frannie Trempe
  • Siqiao Lu
  • Rui Tang

Former Cai Studio Staff

Sayuri Alsman
Sarah Hogate Bacon
Karen Chen
Mona Chen
Calice Chen
Yuyu Chen
Julia Chiang
Chialin Chou
Ursula Dávila-Villa
Michele Xiaoyun Fan
Phoebe Ford
Peggy Ho
Mariluz Hoyos
Cathy Hsiao
Tiffany Hu
Bonnie Huie
Julia Kao
Katie Kilroy
I-Hua Lee
Stephanie Lee
Shu-Wen Lin
Ting-Chun Lin
Alicia Lu
Ersang Ma
Kelly Ma
Jennifer Wen Ma
Lesley Ma
Xiaoli Ma
Sachiko Murakami
Charwei Tsai
Miwako Fujii Wakimura
Di Wang
Hong-Kai Wang
Lawrence Waung
Chinyan Wong
A. Moon-Ching Wu
Shanshan Xia
Anqi Xu
Chiaying Yu
Xiao Yu
Xinran Yuan
Michelle Yun
MeiMei Zhou

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