Searching for Dreams in the Canals

October 6, 2006–March 30, 2007

Suzhou Museum

Exploding Tower2006. Realized at outdoor garden, Suzhou Museum, October 8, 40 seconds. Gunpowder fuse. Explosion dimensions variable. Commissioned by the Suzhou Museum, China [Ephemeral]

Photos courtesy Cai Studio.

Exhibition views at Suzhou Museum, 2006. Photos by Tatsumi Masatoshi, courtesy Cai Studio.

Chun Qiu: Project for the New Galleries of Suzhou Museum, Invited by I.M. Pei
Gunpowder on paper, mounted on wood as nine-panel screen
230 x 697.23 cm overall

Photo by Hiro Ihara, courtesy Cai Studio.

99 Golden Boats
Dimensions variable

Installation view at Suzhou Museum, 2006.

Photo by Tatsumi Masatoshi, courtesy Cai Studio.