Encounter with the Unknown: Cosmos Project for Mexico

Soria Park, Cholula, November 8, 6:03 pm, approximately 1 hour
Five groups of 13 castillos, 500 steps of 10,000 rockets
Highest castillo measuring 33-meter-tall; steps measuring 50-meter-tall

Steps of a Lost Pyramid, Cholula, Mexico, 2019
Video by Lulu Zhang and Celia Chou; edited by Rui Tang, courtesy Cai Studio

I. Cosmic Tree

Castillo Cosmic Tree
Photos by Wen-You Cai, courtesy Cai Studio.

II. Encounter Between Civilizations

Castillo Encounter Between Civilizations
Photos by Wen-You Cai and Canhuang Cai, courtesy Cai Studio.

III. Modern Cosmic Tree

Castillo Modern Cosmic Tree
Photos by Wen-You Cai, Yvonne Zhao, Canhuang Cai, Zhiyuan Yu, and Tatsumi Masatoshi, courtesy Cai Studio.

IV. Defying Gravity

Castillo Defying Gravity
Photos by Wen-You Cai, Canhuang Cai, courtesy Cai Studio,
Additional photo by Instagram user @Patoflais

V. Encounter with the Unknown

Castillo Encounter with the Unknown
Photos by Lin Yi, Wen-You Cai, Canhuang Cai, and Yvonne Zhao, courtesy Cai Studio.
Additional photos by Instagram users @Losemyshoesonacid and @Vanebesos.