Cai Guo-Qiang: Cuyahoga River Lightning


May 25–September 22, 2019

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Curated by Clarissa von Spee

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Cuyahoga River Lightning: Drawing for the Cleveland Museum of Art
Gunpowder on canvas
250 x 1200 cm
Commissioned by The Cleveland Museum of Art

Photo by Wen-You Cai, courtesy Cai Studio.

Last Carnival
Gunpowder on canvas
280 x 750 cm
The Akatsu Collection

Photo by Yvonne Zhao, courtesy Cai Studio.

Pine Forest and Wolf: Drawing Experiment for Deutsche Guggenheim
Gunpowder on paper, mounted on wood as four-panel screen
230 x 308 cm overall
Cleveland Museum of Art. Gift of Agnes Gund

Photo by Hiro Ihara, courtesy Cai Studio.