Calendar of Life

Collection of Gallery APA Collection, Nagoya, Japan


Collection of Iwaki City Art Museum

Earth Has Its Black Hole Too: Project for Extraterrestrials No. 16, The

Commissioned by Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art for Exhibition Creativity in Asian Art Now, September 18–November 6, 1994

Horizon from the Pan-Pacific: Project for Extraterrestrials No. 14, The

Commissioned by Commissioned by Iwaki City Art Museum for Exhibition Cai Guo-Qiang: From the Pan-Pacific, March 6–31, 1994

Myth: Shooting the Suns: Project for Extraterrestrials No. 21

Commissioned by Kröller-Müller Museum for the opening of the exhibition Heart of Darkness, December 18, 1994–March 27, 1995.

Orient (San Jō Tower), The

The Orient (San Jō Tower)

Collection of Deste Foundation. Center for Contemporary Art, Athens


Collection of the artist
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